Selling your Calgary House during the Holiday Season

Selling your Calgary House during the Holiday Season

Lets face it Christmas is fast approaching the weather is cooling off and the snow will soon start to fall. All these factors make it more difficult to sell your home.

Yes Buyer's are distracted with holiday shopping and time with family but you can tempt buyers to take a look at your property with these holiday staging ideas.

A wreath on the front door gives buyers a welcoming feel. It can be seen from the street so it bumps up your curb appeal. Choose colors that match the exterior of your home.

You need to remember when selling your home less is more. You don't want your home to feel crowed; by using less it will make the space seem bigger. Pick a few of your favorite decorations that match your current color scheme. Try to stick to neutral colors, garland and clear glass ornaments work well.

Christmas trees can take up a lot of space if you have a smaller home then you may want to stay away from the tree. If you have the space, put up the tree. Make sure to keep your color scheme the same as the rest of the house. Beware that Christmas does not appeal to everybody but the holiday season tend to attract serious buyers that want to be settled in their new place by the beginning of the year.

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