Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Calgary Home

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Calgary Home

Even people who have been selling Calgary homes for decades still make mistakes. Often, these crucial mistakes unable them to find people who are willing to purchase their home at desired price. These mistakes have to be avoided at all costs.

Here are some of the most common mistakes committed – mistakes that you should try your best not to commit when selling your Calgary home.

Showing bad photos

Many people look to listings on the newspaper, on the internet, or other such sources for information regarding properties for sale. When putting up an advertisement, it is best to put in the best photos possible. Using a high end camera or hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of the house being sold may cost a bit more, but the expense is surely worth it. Listing photos are among the first things that people consider when selecting for a home to buy. If they see that a home doesn’t look good in the pictures, they will not even bother asking about the price. On the other hand, if the listing photos look great, they may end up liking the house so much that they will not even consider its flaws.

Show the home in bad condition

Try to show the home in the best light possible. If there are some things that need repair, you may have them fixed before showing the house to any potential buyer. A house that has a lot of damages, even if there are minor ones, gives the impression that it has not been taken care of. Buyers may think that there are a lot of damages other than the ones that they were able to see. It is better to take the time to go around the house, take note of all the damages, and remedy them if possible.

Hiding home issues or problems

Any house that has been lived in for quite some time is bound to have some damages. This is part of the normal wear and tear that a house receives when it is being used. If there are any damages that have not yet been repaired, it is better to tell the potential buyers about it. They can then be factored into the final price. Disclosing this information is best for all parties concerned, as it can help avoid future issues.


Many people think that it is best to give a high selling price to leave room for negotiations. However, this plan doesn’t always work out. If the price of a house is too high, buyers will just ignore it and will move on to the next available house. Remember that buyers are working on a limited time and a set price range. They don’t have the time to negotiate with every house seller. If they think that a house costs too much, they won’t consider it at all. Generally, they only look at homes which they can afford and choose among the ones that are within their price range.

Being emotionally attached

It is easy to get attached to a home, particularly one that has been lived in for a very long time. However, emotions can get in the way of good judgment. A person may not be able to make sound decisions because of being so attached to the home. An example of this is overpricing a home because it means so much to the family that has lived there. The seller must be completely objective in setting a price for the house. Otherwise, it may never get sold.

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