Gift Ideas for Father's Day

A Father and Son pictured together

Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

Barber tools on a table

Art Of Shaving

Art of Shaving is a shaving line filled with a variety of great products and can be the right gift to give your father for Father's Day. These products include shaving cream, razors, soaps, brushes, and so much more. Products like these can be located at Tommy Guns Barber Shop, which the city of Calgary has several Tommy Guns Barber Shops. Tommy Guns not only sells Art of shaving, but has other great barber lines of products you can choose from to give to your father to make the perfect Fathers day gift.

Golf Balls on grass

Golf Supplies

The golf season has finally tee'd off and everyone is super excited, especially the Fathers. If your Father enjoys golf as a hobby then gifting him golf supplies is a great way to go. You can find golf supplies at many different stores located in Calgary, such as, Source for sports, Sport Chek, Golftown, Golf Traders, Modern Golf and so much more. Giftable golf supplies can include many different objects, such as, tees, golf balls, clothing, golf tools and many more, you could also purchase a round of golf for your father as well.

Cologne and a suit tie


Another fantastic gift idea for Fathers day is gifting them a new cologne. Now you can go two ways with this, you can either buy them a full size of cologne or a great strategy to do is get a sample package of cologne. Then have them test out the sample package and whatever one they like best you can give them again another time. Cologne can be found at any large stores, such as Walmart, Shoppers, London Drugs, Hudson's Bay and many more.

Picture frames on a wall

Picture Frame

One of the best gifts of all for any individual is receiving pictured memories to keep forever. It's a pretty simple gift to create, but holds a lot of meaning and you can choose any picture of your liking. You can select the photo or photos you want to print off and you can go to any local walmart photo centre in Calgary. Once you have them printed off you can purchase the right sized frame for the photo or photos and then you are set to go and gift it to your Father for Fathers day.

Golf Balls and a Golf Club on grass

Launch Pad Golf

Launch Pad golf is an exciting activity to do together as a family that any Father would enjoy. There are two different Launch Pads, one is located in Heritage Pointe, on the South end of Calgary and the other is located at Michaelson Golf Course on the NorthWest side of Calgary. At the Launch Pad you can enjoy golfing in the coolest way, while also enjoying drinks and food as well.

Yeti Water Bottles


Yeti Water Bottles are some of the best water bottles to purchase to date and make as a great gift idea. They come in a variety of sizes, colours and different types of bottles as well. Yeti also has Yeti Coolers, they are a little more on the expensive side, but would make an awesome gift for any camping Father out there. You can find Yeti Water Bottles in almost any store possible, such as Cabelas, SportChek, Walmart, Homehard Ware, Source For Sports and so much more. These water bottles are some of the best out there right now and would make an amazing Fathers Day gift.


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