Fun Winter Activities To Do in Calgary

Fun Winter Activities To Do in Calgary

It's that time of year to get outside and enjoy winter and all the fun activities it has to offer us here in Calgary. Whether you decide to go ice skating, tubing, skiing, snowshoeing or grab a hot chocolate and see the downtown winter light festival. You will want to get outdoors and enjoy winter in all its glory. Here is a list of amazing and fun activities to do in Calgary this winter season.

Ice Skating

Bowness Park, 8900 48th Avenue NW

Bowness Park is located along the Bow River between Stoney Tr. and 85 St. NW. A shallow lagoon runs along the park's southern edge, which has always been the centre piece of the park. The City crews meticulously make a wonderful skating rink from it once the temperature is cold enough. But you also could just come with a picnic lunch and sit next to the gas-fired fire pits and enjoy the ambience. The washrooms at the restaurant / food counter are also open all year. And there are playgrounds to enjoy in the winter as well. 

Big Marlborough Park, 6033 Madigan Drive NE

Featuring a number of walking paths, two large parking lots, and a toboggan hill, Big Marlborough Park is another fantastic place for outdoor skating. The skating rink itself even features bleachers as well as a fire pit, great for taking a break from the ice and warming up. 

Prince's Island Park, 698 Eau Claire Avenue SW

This picturesque place is located in the very heart of the city, Prince’s Island Lagoon makes for one of the most memorable skates around! You’ll have to wait for it to freeze solid before going for a skate, but the wait is more than worth it.

Thomson Family Park, 1236 16th Avenue SW

Thomson Family Park hosts an outdoor skating rink, also is home to playgrounds, walkways, a picnic area, and is nestled on the corner of 11th Street southwest and 16th Avenue southwest.

Olympic Plaza, 228 8th Avenue SE

The Olympic Plaza is in the heart of downtown Calgary and is home to a small but beautiful skating rink and is within walking distance from City Hall Station on the train line. Skaters have a gorgeous view of skyline-defining buildings, including the Calgary Tower.

Carburn Park, 67 Riverview Drive SE

The beautiful Carburn Park is great for winter skating. With the glow of downtown in the distance and the starry sky above you, is as relaxing as it is beautiful!

Skiing/Snowboarding, Bobsleigh and Tubing

Canada Olympic Park, 88 Canada Olympic Road SW

A world class winter desination right in the middle of Calgary. It is the place to be for all kinds of winter activities including skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh and tubing.

Cross Country Skiing, Showshoeing and Hiking

What better way is there to enjoy the winter landscape, than hiking the many trails that run through the City of Calgary. Snowshoeing is a great way to discover winter wildlife. Snowshoe along the uncleared paths, or your favourite park and explore the snow blanketed Calgary.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park is a free winter destination within Calgary, where you can go cross country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. For fun and entertaining family activities in the winter:  Track the footprints in the snow and guess which animal it belongs to, or you can try to spot and name Alberta winter birds. Cross-country skiing at the west end (trails are not groomed), snowshoeing (best conditions at west end).

Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park can be accessed via the south and north ends of the Park, either at 5050 Spruce Drive SW or 4105 Montgomery View NW.

Walking into a winter wonderland you will take in the beauty of the natural environment areas as welll as the picnic and playground areas. The park has a wide variety of amenities so there's something for just about everyone here. You can stroll through the trees and take some amazing winter photos, go cross country skiing or snowshoeing, have a picnic and explore nature. Or bring your favority furry family friend and let them go in Edworthy's off-leash area where they have lots of room to run.

Tabogganing and Sledding

A favourite pastime for many, tabogganing and sledding on the hills of Calgary is a thrilling way to enjoy the winder and take advantage of the snow. For safety reasons, the Parks and Pathways Bylaw prohibits tobogganing or sledding downhill in any City-maintained park except the ones listed below. 

Safety first! Always remember to wear your helmet!

  • Big Marlborough Park dry pond - 755 Madeira Drive N.E.
  • Bridlewood - 26 Bridleglen Road S.W.
  • Confederation Park - 2807 10th Street N.W. 
  • Deerfoot Athletic Park - 1503 16th Avenue N.E.
  • Glendale Park - 25 Avenue and 45th Street S.W. (west side)
  • Hidden Valley - 10504 Hidden Valley Drive N.W.
  • Kingsland dry pond - 505 78th Avenue S.W (behind the Rose Kohn | Jimmie Condon arenas)
  • Maple Ridge dry pond - 1127 Mapleglade Drive S.E.
  • Marlborough Community Association - 636 Marlborough Way N.E.
  • McKenzie Towne? ?- 160 McKenzie Towne Dr. S.E.
  • Monterey Park - 2707 Catalina Blvd. N.E.
  • New Brighton - 1750 New Brighton Drive S.E.
  • Prairie Winds Park - 223 Castleridge Blvd. N.E.
  • Richmond Green - 2539 33rd Avenue S.W.
  • Royal Oak - 9100 Royal Birch Blvd. N.W.
  • Rundle dry pond - 4120 Rundlethorn Dr. N.E. (behind Rundle Elementary School)
  • Sacramento dry pond - 10404 Sacramento Drive S.W.
  • Scarboro - 1737 14th Avenue S.W.
  • Signal Hill - 2063 Sirocco Drive S.W.
  • St. Andrew's Heights - 2504 13th Avenue N.W.
  • Stanley Park - 330 42 Avenue S.W.
  • Thorncliffe/Greenview - 5600 Centre Street N.E.

Horse Sleigh Rides

Horsin Around, Corner of Range Road 283 and Hwy 22x East

If there is snow on the ground here in Calgary, go for a sleigh ride at Horsin Around. There are many fun family activities at Horsin Around including Horse-drawn Sleigh Rides through the snow in an open sleigh, pony rides, petting farm, ice skating, inflatable bouncy castles, mazes, slides and spaceship. And then make your way inside to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

From February 1st to 28th Calgary is home to the sweetest festival of the year! YYC Hot Chocolate Fest! Participating cafes, restaurants and chocolatiers compete for the coveted award of YYC's Best Hot Chocolate, Best Spirited Hot Chocolate and special Cup That Runneth Over Award. Calgarians can taste in a variety of hot cocoas and determine their  favourite! Every cup sold supports Calgary Meals on Wheels, which will directly provide nutritous meals to vulverable Calgarians.

Glow Downtown Winter Light Festival

February 14-18, 2019 Brightside Hub at Olympic Plaza, 228 - 8th Avenue SE

Glow Downtown Winter Light Festival is a family-friendly event that is held annually in the heart of downtown Calgary. This is an all-ages event that welcomes everyone to enjoy winter and experience one-of-a-kind interactive light displays, art, entertainment, food trucks and activities. All activities are enjoyed for free!

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