Fun Things to Do In Calgary: Battalion Park

Fun Things to Do In Calgary: Battalion Park

Battalion Park in Calgary, AB

Battalion Park is located in the community of Signal Hill on Calgary's West Zone. The heritage value of park is associated with the bravery of Albertan soldiers in World War 1. It contains geoglyphs numbered 137,113,151 and 51 that represent the battalion numbers. About 16,000 white washed stones were used to create the masterpiece of battalion numbers. These created battalion numbers lengths 36.5 meters. The battalion number 113 was located at its original place covering 0.65 acres of that area while other battalion numbers have shifted here later in order  to reconstruct the area for roads and other trading activities.

The battalion numerals have amazing history. During World War 1, soldiers of Canadian army themselves pick the stones for two kilometers from ElbowRiver to the hill for numerals when their duty time ended. But unfortunately, very few of Canadian soldiers went back to Canada after war. The numerals disappeared with the passage of time as the weeds covered them. The cadets of 157th battalion in Calgary once again restored the stones and worked to give them historical status. Stewart Green Properties Ltd saved the stones with great care.

The park opens at 5 AM till 11 PM. The residents of Calgary, Alberta and Canada should visit the Battalion Park due to the historical significance of stones. The classic pathways, memorial plaque and scenic outlook of Battalion Parkadd amazing features to its beauty. The rock art at Battalion  Park is exceptional. The visit to the park reminds the visitors of the bravery and valor shown by soldiers during World War 1. The beautiful view of Elbow river valley and gracious mountains from Battalion Park compel its visitors to come here again and again.

Every year Battalion Park Carnival is organized by Signal Hill School Enhancement Society. Children wait for this carnival every year as it has taken the position of a fun filled family event. Different fund raising activities are arranged that entertain people for the better development and academic excellence of students.

Battalion Park is opened in commemoration of World War 1 soldiers in order to give honor to their valor and sacrifices. The beautiful landmarks of battalion numerals have the ability to attract the people to visit it. Now it is the responsibility of people of Calgary, Alberta and Canada to take care of this monument.

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