Best Date Night Ideas

Best Date Night Ideas In Calgary

The Calgary Tower

Sky 360 Restaurant

Want to experience the city from a incredibly different view and enjoy a delcious meal at the same time? Sky 360 is the place to be then. Sky360 is a great idea for a date night with that special someone. Unforgettable food, amazing service, an award-winning wine list and a contemporary design all come together to make this unique dining destination a different experience from the rest. Reservation are mandatory for Sky360 and if you aren't in the mood for a dinner date, they also serve bruch as well. You won't want to miss what this restaurant has to offer, go book your reservation now!

Bowling Alley

National Bowling

If you want to have a little bit more of an exciting night with some activities then bowling at National is a great choice. National consists of 10-pin bowling and you can enjoy some drinks during the game. They also have a restaurant located upstairs if you want to sit down to eat before or after playing and the service at National is top notch and won't disappoint. Bowling at National can be a just a date or if you are going on a double or triple date it is an awesome date idea to take up.

A restaurant including a table, plates, glasses, etc.

Ajito Restaurant

Love sushi and want an unforgettable experience? Then you will need to check out Ajito Restaurant for your next date. Ajito is a luxurious speak-easy restaurant, meaning it is hidden to the naked eye, but once you find the entrance to the secret restaurant it transport you into a whole new world. They have a wide variety of delicious Japanese dishes and drinks, along with Japanese art and decorations, making you forget you are in the city of Calgary. It is the first hidden Japanese Izakaya in Calgary so this is an experience you will not want to miss.

A Cafe or Coffee shop a picture of the menu and ordering stand

Regal Cat Cafe

Do you and your partner both love cats? Then a perfect date for you two would be to visit the Regal Cat Cafe. An adoarble little cafe located on Kensington where they sell delcious coffee, drinks and goodies. This Cafe has the unique hipster vibe that all of Kensington has so it's also a great place for pictures as well. But this isn't just any cafe, they have a sectioned off area where you get to hangout, play and pet cats. Each cat has their own name and the Regal Cafe is their home, this is the greatest date idea for the cat lovers out there. 

A rustic restaurant with a table, glasses, plates, etc.

Starbelly Restaurant

Starbelly is a locally owned restaurant and has full varierty of different delcious food and drinks, making it the perfect night out with your special someone. This restaurant sits right in the heart of the newer development Seton and is known to be one of the best restaurants in Calgary, they also don't only serve dinner, but they serve brunch as well. The restuarant it self is extremely beautiful ad astheticlly pleasing to the human eye, they even have a private section you can book out for special events. The service is amazing and they just make the whole experience one to remember. This is a restaurant you for sure need to go and check out.

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