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Using a Calgary Real Estate Agent and REALTOR®  for your House Search in Aspen Woods

When you are looking at buying real estate in Calgary, it is important to know the areas that you are looking at.  For instance, if you are looking at buying real estate in Aspen Woods (SW Calgary, Calgary West End) there is information that you are going to want to know about the area.

The area of Aspen Woods was established in 2001.  It is located near the areas of Strathcona Park (established 1980) and Christie Park (established 1990) and is located in the southwest quadrant of Calgary.   The housing in the area is mostly made up of single-family dwellings that start in the $650k range all the way up to multi-million dollar residences. Aspen Woods is also home to some beautiful condos starting from $400k for a modest condo and up to $1M for a 3200 sq ft luxury condo.  With a 15 minute drive, you will find yourself in the downtown area or you can easily access 17th Avenue to access other routes.

Aspen Woods has a lot of aspects to recommend to potential buyers.  One of the first is that there are both public and separate schools to be found within the area.   There is a communication association that is active and has space for a variety of activities and classes.   Whether your household has kids, seniors, or any other age group, there is something for everyone such as scouts, bridge, dancing, fitness classes, and other activities.  For those that like sports, there are tennis courts, a skating pond, soccer fields, and a hockey rink available.

If you are not sure if Aspen Woods is the right area for you and your family, please feel free to contact me directly I am happy to answer any questions you might have that can help you to find the right place to call home.

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Just gorgeous properties crystal. I hope you're able to sell a few of them and get buyers and to some of those luxurious homes.

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