Building Permits and New Homes

Recently while a client was obtaining their permits for developing their basement they found that there were still open permits for the upper levels that the builder did not complete. So a call to the City was made and out came the inspectors. It turns out there were minor issues with the upper levels that were easily fixed to meet code, but this raises the question, what if there were major issues, or even changes in the code then what?

the unforntuante thing is that the builder is no longer resposible for the still "open" permits because you now occupy the home, and with occupancy also goes the resposibility of ensuring the permits are correctly closed off with your new home. You cudl ask the builder to complete the permits but they could refuse to assist you in complying with the city. If there are any required changes minor or major  it would technically be up to the homeowners to have completed and their expense. Same would be true if the builder went out of business.

To avoid this issue all together, look for permits on the furnace and electrical panels, it certainly doesn't hurt to call the city and ask them if all permits are satisfied. A simple phone call can save you hassle and frustration down the road!

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