Your Home, Your Biggest Investment - Now Invest Your TIME!

As I meet sellers to evaluate their properties for sale, I am often surprised at their unwillingness to do the things it takes to achieve top dollar in listing their houses for sale. I often hear sellers say But I don't want to spend any money because I am moving! Just because you are moving out of your house, does not mean that it needs to look that way. Buyers are looking for a house to buy, not move out of! To achieve top dollar for your home, especially in this very competitive buyers market, you need to make your house show the very best that it can. That means you might have some work ahead of you!

1. The first step is to de-clutter your home. Pack up everything that you do not need. Books sweaters last seasons coats¦.everythign that you can. Treat this as pre-packing, you moving anyway, so why not pack ahead.

2. Walk through your house like a buyer. Look to see what a buyer sees. Is your paint touched up, are there any wild colors in your home, magnets, and pictures of your fridge.

3. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN- This one is really important the house should smell fresh and shine everywhere.

4. Now you are ready to meet with your Realtor to see what else needs to be done if anything. Your Realtor can help make suggestions to help put the finishing touches on your home.

Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression, and first impressions can make or break any sale! These are just some small tips to help maximize your dollar. Some items can be distracting to potential buyers and make it hard for them to see the positive features of your home. It is then that they leave the house, and your home has not made any impression on the buyer at all.

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