Bring in the Pro To Sell Your Calgary Home

Bring in the Pro to Sell Your Home

Hiring a professional REALTOR® to sell your home is better than going the For Sale By Owner route!

According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of real estate agents sell homes and close deals. While only 2% of all For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) sell on their own.

Home owners know their homes, thus the idea "we can sell it ourselves and save the commission." But what do sellers really save?

And for buyers, the idea of viewing calgary real estate on their own and making an offer is a breeze. How  breezy is it when the seller isn't flexible or there are complications?

When you hire a real estate agent to sell your home or represent you in purchasing a home, you get a lot. Real estate agents are thoroughly trained and experienced. You might think you know a lot about real estate, but wouldn't you rather have a person who knows more than you do when selling homes and making that mportant decision to buy?

Real estate agents are not emotionally attached to your home. Therefore they can negotiate on your behalf bringing you the best outcome. If you're a seller, your agent can help you set the right price on your home that will cause your home to sell. Knowing supply, demand and the area's conditions makes a huge difference as to how long your home is on the market.

Your agent will market your property on their company's web site which is likely to be visited by hundreds of thousands of buyers, and to all of the other agents in your area. Agents have various ways of marketing which result in a far greater reach -- bringing you more visits from home buyers than you could ever generate on your own. Your agent filters serious buyers from shoppers and brings you qualified offers.

As a buyer, your agent knows the market. They set up appointments for you to see the best properties according to your specifications. They save you the leg work and negotiate on your behalf. Agents often can get you more for your money. You may be a negotiating pro, but, do you have real estate negotiating knowledge? Do you have the professional expertise that could make that home yours vs losing that home to another buyer?

Real estate agents have market knowledge. 

By looking at your newspaper and reading the Internet, you may think you know the prices in your eighborhood. Your professional agent has up to the minute knowledge of what's happening in your neighborhood. And ... they know your neighborhood's comparable properties and sales. They know market conditions and can present data and information to you that you would have no way of knowing, whether you are a seller, buyer or even renter.

Real estate agents work for you.

A professional real estate agent will qualify buyers. Would you want an offer only to find out the buyers can't afford to buy your home?

The paperwork of selling, buying a home can be daunting.

When doing this paperwork on your own, one mistake could be the most expensive mistake you've ever made. It could even have legal implications. Professional agents handle all of the necessary paperwork needed to make your sale, purchase or rental a successful and smooth transaction.

A good agent is there for you every step of the way ... including being there for you after your closing. Whether you have questions or any issue related to your property, they re there to assist you. A good agent is worth their weight in gold. And that good agent will be there for you in the future or for anyone you refer to them.

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