The Calgary Stampede July 6 – 15th 2012

The annual Calgary Stampede is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

It's an event where competitors come together and crowds gather to witness some of the most skillful rodeo athletes and the finest stock in rodeo.

The Calgary Stampede Rodeo is action packed and furious and just one display of the skill and grit that goes into this annual event.

It is an experience like no other and it is a rodeo tournament event with enthused and skillful competitors staring in the world's richest rodeo competition with over two million in prize money.

The Stampede began as a way to preserve the values and ideals of western life.

The thrill and skills of the Stampede are fascinating to all generations and an education that opens the doors to animals, agriculture, lifestyles, and skills.

The great day starts with a Stampeded Parade that is two and a half miles that celebrates the World Champion Calgary Stampede Show band, riders, bands, floats, pageantry, culture and celebrities are all part of the parade celebration that crowds will witness with smiles.

It's the celebration of the history of western heritage, values and culture and is one of the most famous events in Canada.

Rodeo heritage dates back to the 1600s and relates to animals wondering the open range, cowboys riding, herding and roping and ranches and working hands.

It was the lifestyle of the West and one that has been preserved throughout the ages.

The Calgary Stampede is designed for rodeo stars of all generations.

Youth will celebrate in the event with exhibits of their 4-H projects, completion of the International Youth Livestock, Stampede Royalty, and more.

It is an event that offers a variety of involvement for all generations and one that lasts from July 6th to the 15th of July.

The Calgary Stampede is in its 100th year and will showcase the wild and wooly agricultural history and some of the greatest riding, herding and roping in history.

It is an event that crowds will gather and friends will unite, and one that will be talked about and remembered for years.

Food will be on the spit and drinks in a cup and it will be some of the most fantastic sights, sounds and smells that truly make the west the west.

It is a 10 day event that begins the 6th of July and one to be penciled in on the agenda.

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