Renovations and Upgrades for Resale

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Renovations and Upgrades for Resale of your Calgary Home

Sooner or later most Calgary real estate home owners will become home sellers so it makes sense to be aware of resale elements when buying, building, renovating or preparing your property for resale.

Before jumping right into it ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Will I get my money back at resale? - This is very important sometime the impulse is to go with high end finishes such as granite, flooring etc. You need to look at other homes in the neighborhood to see what they have, you don't want to have the only home on the street with extensive upgrades that maybe the area cannot bear the price in resale.

  • Will this appeal to a wide rage of potential buyers? Just because you love deep red granite paint and tiles, does not mean that every potential buyer will love them, in fact this can cause a buyer to look at your renovation as a hindrance if the wrong materials are used. This could also impact the potential resale price in a negative factor.

  • Will I use and enjoy it on a regular basis? Sometimes doing renovations are not all just about your ability to resell a property sometime it comes down to have much you will enjoy something while you live in the property. Sometimes it just has to be about "living in your home now"

  • Is his the best way to spend the budget? This ultimately in an individual question, it depends on what you want to do, what is your hopeful outcome and how long do you intent to stay in your current home. If in doubt, ask a professional.

Maintenance is extremely important. Buyer are looking for homes with little to no maintenance. A poorly maintained home can send buyers away immediately sometimes even at the curb. Buyer who are prepared to do the work will ultimately;y want to reflect the work into their negotiate those costs into the sales price. Either way you will pay for it , so take care of what you can prior to listing your home for sale.

Classic choices are best to consider when do any kind of work to your home. Trends come and go and tend to date. There is typically a 7 year cycle in home decor trends, so always keep this in mind.

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