Perfect Valentine Gift Ideas

Perfect Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Bouquets of flowers

Divine Creations Floral Shop

Flowers are always a go to gift for Valentines Day and never will go out of style. At Divine Creations Floral Studio you can find beautiful arrangements of many different flowers. Their aggrangements use fresh, seasonal flowers and you can order from online on their website or you can pick flowers up in store. You can choose between vase flowers or tied flowers and not only do they create flowers bouquets they also support flowers for weddings, prom crosages, plants and more. Flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful gift for recieve for any occasion and this store is a great place to grab those beautiful flowers for your loved ones.

Coffee in a mug with a notebook beside it

Calgary Cafe Passport

Calgary is filled with over hundreds of coffee shops ranging all through the city. The Calgary Cafe Passport is a extremely thoguhtful gift for someone who loves their coffee and trying out new places. This passport allows for you to find new and hideen coffee shops you maybe have never heard of and you get to rate and comment your experience. It gives you the chance to try different places, maybe in hopes of finding your new favorite place to go hang out and drink so delicious coffee and goodies as well. The Cafe Passports mission is to support small local businesses by spotlighting the hidden gems that exist in our community. They can be purchased online and shipped to you and also if you want to ship directly to someone else, they will do that as well.

Chocolate Stand filed with different chocolate

Epiphanie Chocolate Shop

Is your partner a sweets and chocolate lover? Then Epiphanie Chocolate is the place to go, they are known to make some of the best chocolate in Calgary. They not only care about the freshness of their choclate but they are passionate about creativity and the pureness of the choclate they sell. Some of their creations are so out of the box creative and they also import some of the finest chocolate in the world to create their delcious treats.

A gift basket full of a variety of smaller gifts

Customized Gift Basket

A real unique and very sentimental gift idea is to make a gift basket for your partner. Basically this basket you will fill with all their favorite goodies like snacks, smaller gifts and anything else you think they may like. You can even give the basket a theme that you know would make sense to your partner recieving it. These baskets are quite easy to make and you can become extremely creative with them.

Photo album of two individuals and other photos

Photo Album/Scrapbook

One of the greatest gifts to recieve is pictures of your favorite memories together. You can easily put together photo album or a scrapbook, keep in mind a scrapbook will take a little more time as crafts are involved. You can get pictures printed at your nearest Staples, London Drugs, Walmart, etc. You will also be able to locate photo albums and scrapbooks at those store or even a Dollar Store. This kind of gift is extremely sentimental and would be the perfect gift for Valentines Day.

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