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Online Marketing to Get Your Home Sold

Social Media - Online Home Buyers

Where are all the Calgary Home Buyers ? I can tell you where they are not! They are not going through open houses, or looking for their dream home in magazines. (or at least not the serious buyers) They might be taking a bus, but they definitely don't care about the bus bench sign, or what Calgary real estate agent thinks they are number 1. What they do care about is simply information on the Listings they are interested in. Over 90% of home buyers are looking for their home online.

Calgary Home Sellers always want you to do open houses because it makes them feel like you are doing something to promote their homes, but what they don't realize is that the open house is just a vehicle of opportunity...

Renovations and Upgrades for Resale

Home Renovations

Renovations and Upgrades for Resale of your Calgary Home

Sooner or later most Calgary real estate home owners will become home sellers so it makes sense to be aware of resale elements when buying, building, renovating or preparing your property for resale.

Before jumping right into it ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Will I get my money back at resale? - This is very important sometime the impulse is to go with high end finishes such as granite, flooring etc. You need to look at other homes in the neighborhood to see what they have, you don't want to have the...

Housing Sales Decline in Calgary

Housing Sales Decline in Calgary. The Month of August has seen a One Third Drop in Sales

The increase of active real estate listings together with the cooling demand of houses has started pushing the housing prices downward in the Calgary real estate market. According to the most recent data published by the Calgary Real Estate Board, the single family house sales in that dropped almost 32% from a year ago. Condominium dealings in the city fell by over 42%from the previous year. Again the average price of MLS sales in real estate market dropped compared to the July statistics.

According to the president of CREB, Diane Scott, this is the right time to buy real estate property. She again revealed that the open house traffic in the Calgary real estate market has increased in the last few weeks. CREB has been monitoring the traffic closely and Scott pointed out that vigilant sentiment to downbeat economic reports have raised doubts amongst...

New Mortgage Rules and their Impact on Calgary Real Estate

Calgary Real Estate Market Stats

The Calgary real estate market has decelerated as compared to the report of the previous year. There are five major things which can explain this decline in the real estate housing market of Calgary and they are as follows:

No. 5: The real estate market generally slows during the summer time.

No. 4: The number of first-time home buyer purchasers have lessened from the previous year.

No 3: The slowdown...

Real Estate Property Prices in Canada Continue to Rise

House for Sale

The Real Estate Property Prices in Canada Continue to Rise

Recent reports from the Conference Board of Canada show that the housing prices in the country are still rising in spite of a decrease in the volume of sales. In the first quarter of this year, the sales of houses dropped by almost 25%. The Conference Board Associate Director, Mr. Michael Burt has reasoned that the Canadian real estate market has been deteriorating because the associated costs like insurance and mortgage related to a property purchase are high and this has made the overall property prices very expensive.

A recent report from Teranet (National Bank composite house price index) says that, the housing prices in Canada increased in June, 2010 to about 13.6% up as compared to last year...

Calgary Housing Market Correction

Calgary Real Estate Market for September 2010

City sales are down while country sales hold steady... 

Sales in the city of Calgary continued to trend lower in the month of August, according to the latest figures released by the Calgary Real Estate Board. August 2010 saw 867 single family homes sold in the city of Calgary. This is a decrease of 5% from 915 sales in July 2010. In August 2009, single family homes sales totalled 1,277. 

Condo sales in August 2010 were also down from 396 in July 2010 to 364, a drop of 8%. In August 2009, condo sales were 632. 

"Calgary's housing market has been undergoing a measured correction over the past 4 to 5 months. Sales are trending lower as a result of a decrease in first time home buyers entering the market and a decline in pent up demand following a strong post-recession recovery," says Diane Scott, presided of...

Why is Now a Good the Time to Buy Calgary Real Estate?

Real Estate Market

Well with low interest rates and softening sales as result of the current Calgary real estate market challenges, the time could not be any better for a buyer looking at the Calgary housing market. A buyer has choice and time to consider different properties.We are in no way in a normal summer market, it is typical to see a market Slowdown during the summer months.

The real estate market is a market that is highly driven by emotion. Consumer confidence is a major factor of all economy components But the 'real estate market relies more heavily on consumer confidence. Consumers are quite fragile right now with last years recession still fresh and all the negative media attention, it doesn't take much to shake consumer confidence. when this happens, consumers...

How to choose the right real estate agent

Calgary Realtor

It is sure is hard to find a Find a good Calgary REALTOR®! Recently after meeting with clients and discussing the potential sale of their home they were really conflicted with the agents they met and the "sales pitch" they received from other agents in attempt to gain their business. Some people will say or do just about anything to get a listing. Here are a few of the "topics" that agents used to "get the listing". Let's just cut through it all and get to the point. Some Calgary REALTOR® (s) out there will not be happy that I am about to share with you the truth.

The Price Game

One of the oldest tricks in the book is the "Pricing Game" yes that is right...