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Should Calgary Sellers Sell First or Buy First

Should Calgary Sellers Sell First or Buy First?

This is a common question that sellers often as agents .... what should they do? Unfortunately there is no cut and dry answer for this because it will depend on your own personal situation and financial picture.  Some people are really scared to sell first out of the fear that they won't know where they are going. Most people have the need to know where they are going before they put their home on the market. If you do buy first though you may not be successful with a sale on your existing home to line up with your new purchase and could forfeit payout penalties, you could also not sell and either have to carry two places ( if you qualify for both) or you could end up losing your deposit on the home you purchased in the event you cannot close due to your existing...

Competitive Sellers Market forces Calgary Sellers to get Creative

Competitive sellers market means there is a lot of supply on the market and sellers have to get serious about selling. Price is always plays a major roll in marketing a home, properly priced homes appeal to the right buyer and are more likely to sell. But that is not all that sellers have to do today.

Buyers don't want to buy a home that they need to work on when they move in, or spend a bunch of money fixing things up. By no means do I suggest a full renovation, but there are some things that you may wish to consider prior to listing your home for sale to ensure that it is competitive in the current real estate marketplace. With so many Calgary real estate listings to choose from, how can we make your home stand out from the rest.

Well there are no tricks to presenting a desirable home that buyers...

Calgary Basement Development Permits

The other day I was out with buyer clients viewing a number of homes when we got onto an important topic of conversations with regard to basement permits. We came across a home that had a beautifu fully developed basement which was developed without basement development permits. Buyers always need all in the information to make informed decisions with respoect to making an offer on a potential home without development permits. If you buy a property that has no permit for the basement development, here a few points that need some consideration before going forward with your offer.

  • If the home was to burn down, and it was found to be possibly a problem with the basement, your insurance company may try to defer your claim and you  might have to cover rebuilding or remodeling yourself....