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The Calgary Real Estate Market is the one to Watch

Data Indicates Calgary is the Market to Watch

According to data released by the Canadian Real Estate Association, Calgary is in the position to once again be home to the hottest housing market in Canada. Not only are sales on the rise, but prices have also enjoyed a slight increase. As such, many experts agree that the Calgary housing market is the market to watch.

Some of the figures released in the Canadian Real Estate Association's report include:

    • Sales were up by 30 percent when compared to one year ago, compared to national growth of just 11.5 percent

    • Calgary's sales are above the 10-year average for the first...

    Alberta New Home Warranty vs. National Home Warranty

    The Alberta New Home Warranty or National Home Warranty: Which is the Better?

    When building a new home, the last thing you want is to invest more money in repairs. With the help of a home warranty, you can take comfort in knowing that defects in materials and labour will be covered for a period of time. While no one purchases a home with the expectation of having experiencing problems, the reality is that things do not always turn out perfectly. Fortunately, as a new homebuyer in Alberta building a new home, you have the opportunity to build a home with a qualified builder that offers either a New Home Warranty or a National Home Warranty to provide coverage on your home. To ensure you receive the coverage that is best for you, it is important to learn more about both available options.

    The National Home Warranty,...

    Special Assessments in Condos

    As condos continue to age, as apartment buildings are converted to condos and as concerns grow regarding condos that are being built quickly in an effort to meet growing demands, special assessments are becoming increasingly commonplace. While special assessments may not be too problematic for those who do not plan to buy or sell a condo in the near future, they can cause problems when it comes time to close on a sale. This is particularly true when the condominium board has an acceleration clause, which requires all assessments to be payable immediately when a unit is sold, or when something goes wrong with the building shortly after the buyer moves in.

    Whether you are the seller who is trying to maintain as much equity as possible or you are the buyer who wants to avoid getting hit by assessments shortly after moving in, you will certainly...