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The Return of Multiple Offers in Calgary Real Estate

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In the last couple of weeks, hearing about multiple offers or bidding wars have not been unusual in the Calgary real estate market. Spring has sprung and a lack of inventory is driving the Calgary market. If the current low levels of inventory remain where they are, we could very well find ourselves in the midst of another sellers market sooner than we thought or planned. Do keep in mind that not all areas of the city, communities or price ranges are seeing this type of activity so you will want to do your own research when it comes to your specific real estate goals.

A strong economy in Calgary, job creation , in-migration and low interest rates seem to be driving this market. Eager and willing...

The Return of Multiple Offers and How to Win!

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Yes that is right, there has been a return of multiple offers in the Calgary Real Estate market and it is becoming more of a common practice these days. Multiple offers are showing up on properties under the range of $500k in the most desirable areas. There is nothing worse from a real estate agents perspective, then to tell your clients that just completed on a house, that someone else won and they lost out on owning their new home. Sometimes buyers just do not follow your advice and go on their own path of self discovery - sometimes it works, other times it doesn't, and mostly they lose out.

Here are some pro tips on how to win those competing offer situations or avoid them...

The Negatives on Buying a New Calgary Condo

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It is easy to walk into a show suite and fall completely in love with a new Calgary Condo - but before you sign on the line for  your new home condo ownership there are a few things that you should consider. While in a perfect world you would move into your condo and have nothing go wrong, but take it from a few condo owners over at the Bella Vista, they would agree that more research is required before you leap into any purchase.

By far the biggest risk is in the quality of construction. Even the best builders have large issues from one time or another. With a new condo you won't know for months or years after construction if your...