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25 Tips to Organize your home!

Getting organized can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. Turn messy areas into tidy, stylish spaces with this list of 25 tips that are guaranteed to help clear clutter and keep it away.

1 Identify problem areas: Take "before" pictures of each room to help identify exactly what needs to be cleared away and which storage solutions might work for each space.

2 The linen closet: Tame trouble amongst your linens and things by organizing and separating items with the help of canisters, baskets and adjustable shelving. Folding all items neatly and arranging each shelf according to room will also help clear clutter in the linen closet. 3 Organize your mind: Trying to keep the clutter under control is hard enough for even the most organized individual. Add the extra stress of life-on-the-go and it's easy to lose your mind. Keep a pocket-sized notebook handy and jot down...

Condominium Occupancy Fees

Whenever you purchase aSmall Pic new condo, there is a period of time between when you take occupancy of your unit and when you take ownership of your unit. This is known as the ˜occupancy period' or ˜interim occupancy'. During ...

Real Estate Technology

Modern Day Real Estate Technology

I was so impressed the other day that I had to share my experience and love for technology with you. Last week I was in back to back appointments meeting clients and of course selling some great MLS® Calgary Listings when I had a counter offer come back to me with less than a 2 hour window to sign and return to sellers.

This would have not been possible in the earlier years when I started real estate back in 1997. Back in those days I would have had to stop everything I was doing cancel...