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Christmas Decorations around the fire

If you are watching the Calgary MLS on a regular basis than you might have noticed that listings around the holidays go down a little.  Calgary home sellers think that they should wait until the holiday season is past before listing their home for sale . Even some sellers remove their home from the market for the holiday season. Both could be a potential mistake and could cost you lost opportunity of sale. While human nature tells us to sit back and enjoy the holiday season, some buyers are makign their Calgary relocation house hunting plans during the holiday season. Some are in town visiting family, while others are choosing to combine the Holiday season with buying a new home.

Serious home sellers should...

Calgary Christmas Light Displays

Christmas Tree Lights Display

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time for getting together with family and friends and share good food and of course egg nog with one another. One of the best parts of Christmas in Calgary is some of the amazing light displays around town. Grab your hot chocolate your love ones and get out there and visit the light displays. It is a great way to spend some quality time together before the huddle and bustle of the holidays gets fully underway.

But first a little "light history"

Colored lights have been a big part of Christmas decorating tradition since the 1950's. Although electric lights were introduced to the Christmas tree for the first time in 1882, candles would continue to dominate Christmas tree decoration into...

Calgary Realtor on the Move

Home for Sale

Crystal Tost - Calgary Real Estate Agent on the move!

Yes now that we have recently conditionally sold our home, we need to weigh in on all of our options. How do the professionals do it? Given the market, and other determining factors, we decided that we needed to sell our home first before making a purchase of our new residence. (this is always depended on personal factors, last time we bought first then sold, so talk to your real estate professional to see what is best for your individual needs) So now like some of my clients we need to get serious about buying a new place as our possession date will be fast approaching. Some friends that recently moved have been gracious enough to donate their moving boxes to us. THANKS so much! (...

Canadian mortgage debt surpasses $1 trillion

Mortgage Debt

Canadian mortgage debt surpasses $1 trillion

The sixth Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market reported that for the first time the mortgage debt in Canada has exceeded $1 trillion. Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals released the report recently.

According to the report the majority of Canadians with mortgage debt are able to pay at least $300 increase in the monthly mortgage installment. About 35 percent of Canadian mortgage holders have increased their monthly payments and made single payment on mortgage in the previous year. Almost 89% homeowners in Canada have at least 10% equity and 80% have more than 20% equity in their homes.

In the Canadian housing market home equity is 72% of the total value.   Equity...

October housing starts down more than expected

Housing Starts Graph

October housing starts down more than expected

The report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said that real estate housing starts cut down more than anticipated in October.

According to the federal housing agency, the annualized rate of 167,900 was a 9.2% decrease from 185,000 in the month of September. The September figure was revised downward from the previous figure of 186,400.

Chief economist of CMHC, Bob Dugan said that the housing starts decreased in the month of October in the entire region of Canada due to the fall in urban single starts. He again pointed out that the Atlantic Canada is the only exception.  The starts of both multiple and single-detached decreased last month.

Economists' survey by...

Calgary multi-family starts soar

Calgary Condos - Calgary multi-family starts soar

Condominium Style

In the metropolitan area census of Calgary, the multi family house stats rose more than 90 percent in October compared to the previous year.

The recent report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. says that almost 438 multifamily real estate properties began construction last month. This statistic is higher than 230 units compared to October 2009. CHMC revealed that single detached units decreased by 3.1% last month as compared to the previous year. Total housing stats increased 7.1% in the entire region to 784 units.

According to senior marketing analyst Richard Cho, the single-detached property construction sustained to moderate levels as a consequence...

The Truth about Calgary Foreclosures

Buyers are more than ever looking for a way to save more money and or get the best Calgary real estate deal that their hard earned money can buy and some often search the Internet for those under valued Calgary Foreclosure. But are they really that great of a deal? While in some cases a foreclosure can be a decent or good deal, there are many things to consider before leaping into the purchase of a foreclosed property. In order to understand the negatives of a Calgary foreclosure purchase it is first important to understand the process in which they become foreclosed on.

The foreclosure process can take anywhere between a couple of months to several months dependent on each individual situation. A lot can happen to a property within that time frame. Once the original owner stops making payments on the property they are typically given notice to vacate. A lot of the time these previous owners will take anything they...

The Too Good To Be True Listings on Calgary MLS®

Is that a great deal, or is it simply too good to be true? Calgary REALTOR® Crystal Tost discusses the recent Calgary MLS® Listings that were listed at half value!

You would think that one would set an asking price at market value and list their home for sale, right? I mean that is usually the way that it has gone in the past! Well lately there have been a small group of Calgary real estate agents that have listed properties on the Calgary MLS at about half of their actual market value in hopes to stir up buyer interest or in most cases multiple buyer interest.

As a direct result of this type of marketing I have been bombarded with phone calls from potential buyers wanting to see a house immediately due to the asking price on specific properties. At of course an incredibly low can't believe it asking...

Bring in the Pro To Sell Your Calgary Home

Hiring a professional REALTOR® to sell your home is better than going the For Sale By Owner route!

According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of real estate agents sell homes and close deals. While only 2% of all For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) sell on their own.

Home owners know their homes, thus the idea "we can sell it ourselves and save the commission." But what do sellers really save?

And for buyers, the idea of viewing calgary real estate on their own and making an offer is a breeze. How  breezy is it when the seller isn't flexible or there are complications?

When you hire a real estate agent to sell your home or represent you in purchasing a home, you get a lot. Real estate agents are thoroughly trained and experienced. You might think you know a lot about real estate, but wouldn't you rather have...