La Brezza Ristorante: Their Story

Who They Are

La Brezza, meaning ocean breeze, is considered one of Calgary’s finest Italian restaurants. Opened in 1987 and still in its original location —once the owner’s house, La Brezza continues to offer an elegantly simple Italian cuisine, emphasizing traditional home-cooked goodness.

You can enjoy a satisfying lunch and dinner menu with daily specials and in which you can indulge. They pride themselves in offering great food, great service, and a warm, relaxing atmosphere. And hope to see you soon!

Their Story

It was 1981, and their founder Marco Abdi had just moved to Calgary from Somalia by way of Italy. He arrived with just a few dollars in his pocket and promptly got a job as a caretaker at a medical building in inner-city Bridgeland. He lived across the street from the medical building in a little house his employers happened to own. Later, Marco would go on to buy that little house and turn it into La Brezza Ristorante having Mama Angela as a head chef who even to this day trains all the chefs that come to La Brezza.

Sadly in 2015, Marco passed away, leaving the legacy of La Brezza to his wife and children. Since then, the restaurant has gone through many changes, one of which being the addition of Filomena (Marco’s wife) as the new owner of our little restaurant here in Bridgeland. She continues to strive every day to make La Brezza the home-away-from-home for many Calgarians looking for a hot and inviting Italian meal.

It has been 30 years since they opened and are still serving Calgary and all those who visit. With every dish, they serve they offer their love for food and family. They look forward to meeting everyone and take great pride in giving you a memorable experience!

Filomena & Marco La Brezza Italian Restaurant in Calgary

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