Home Inspections

When buying a home or condo it is essential to get a home inspection. Some clients do skip this step because of the expense but the reality is that the expense you are saving by skipping the home inspection might not be saving you any money at all. The truth is that the home inspection may provide details of repairs that might exceed the cost of the home inspection anyway.

There are many Calgary home inspection companies available to choose from. So please do your homework when making a choice. I have used many different home inspection companies over the years, with that experience I can point you in the right direction and assist you in narrowing down a few to choose from.

You will want to know a few things before you pick anyone home inspection company.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Who will be my home inspector?
  • How long has my home inspector been inspecting homes?
  • What is my home inspector's background?
  • What is your insurance policy?
  • What if the home inspection company misses anything, is there coverage, if so what are the limitations of coverage?
  • Do they use thermal imaging to view cold spots or potential water leaks?

At the time of the original writing of this blog post, there was no licensing requirement for home inspectors in Alberta. Since this article was written home inspectors in Alberta have to be certified and licensed. This move has definitely improved the home inspector industry with regulated controls.

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