Do It Like the Pro's Do It - Selecting a lot that is!

Calgary Realtor Crystal Tost Shares Pro Tips During The Process of Building her New Home

After carefully weighing all options we have picked a lot to build on for our new home. As a Calgary Realtor I have a few pro tips to consider when looking for a new lot when building.

Location is one of the most if not the most important factor of choosing your new lot your home will be built on. But while we were looking at different lot options not all "more expensive" lots offered the same added value return in resale value for the future. Just another reason why you should be using your Calgary Realtor from the very beginning of the building process to assist in lot selection, builder reputation and floor plans that will resell. Developers can charge pretty much what they want when it comes to lot pricing and just because a builder charges between $30k and $100k more for a lot on a green space or ravine it does not mean that you will be getting that extra lot investment  back when it comes to resale. In fact in some cases the higher priced / better location was not worth the difference in price, so now you are taking out money straight away off of your resale value.

When selecting a lot you should also keep in mind the type of home you want to build and how it will fit with other homes on the same street. Will you be the biggest house, or the smallest house on the block.  You will want to ensure your modern flat roof contemporary home that you have been dreaming of fits into the neighborhood you desire as you don't want your masterpiece to stick out like a sore thumb in an arts and crafts styled community or development.

If your new lot is backing onto a green space, you will want to call the city of Calgary to ensure that your green space is really going to stay. I have seen developers charge more for a lot "intended" to be on a green space but then later new homes are built instead. The same can be said with view lots, you will want to ensure that something won't be built to obstruct your view. Your Calgary Realtor can assist you in making wise decisions about your new location to ensure you are making a decision that will uphold your resale.

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