Choosing Your Real Estate Lawyer

Choosing your real estate lawyer is essential to a smooth closing. Once you have your purchase contract signed and have satisfied all the outstanding conditions in your offer whether buying or selling it is time to choose a real estate lawyer to finalize the contract. While you might know a lawyer (everyone seems to) that handles your wills or company legal matters it is wise to further investigate their credentials before having that lawyer represent you in your real estate matters. While real-estate law is not rocket science your lawyer should practice real estate law on a regular basis to avoid potential issues at closing. The truth is a lawyer that is not familiar with real estate can cause more harm than good in a real estate transaction. Some of the problems that we have seen arise from lawyers not regularly practicing real estate law is that they are unsure of how to receive mortgage instructions, they might not have experience in dealing with "western protocol" closings and many other issues may arise but all of them could potentially end up in a delay of your possession. This delay could be anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, so best avoid potential delays and headaches when purchasing or selling your next home, you will want to take the steps to ensure your lawyer is truly qualified to handle your purchase or sale of your home. You may wish to ask your Realtor or mortgage professional for recommendations of real estate lawyers they have issued in the past. Typically these professionals will know of lawyers that they have enjoyed working with in the past, and they will know a number of lawyers that are experienced in real estate transactions. And more often than not they have already shopped around to ensure the legal fees charged by these lawyers they have recommended are in line with the normal range of fees.

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