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Record-Low Interest Rates | What This Means For You?

Interest rates in Canada are at an all-time low. Rates are being pushed down by the uncertainty of Covid-19, and they're not expected to be rising anytime soon. The Bank of Canada hinted that interest rates wouldn't rise until 2023.

"Based on the Bank's new forecasts, this implies it has no intention of raising policy rates for several years," states Capital Economics economist Stephen Brown. "While the Bank may eventually raise its central scenario forecasts for growth and inflation, our forecasts are still consistent with the broad message in today's policy statement. That is, despite the huge stimulus, there is little chance that a surge in inflation will justify raising interest rates within the next few years."

What do these historically low-interest rates mean for you?

Great news, if your rate is variable, your rate is predicated on prime, which is set currently at 2.45%. You either have a variable rate of prime (2.45%) minus or plus...

What to Know About the First-Time Home Buyers Incentive

Details Released Regarding the First-Time Buyer Program

To clear up some of the confusion and specify the requirements and guidelines, below are key dates for program role out and points to be aware of:

Important Dates:

  • The first date purchases are eligible to qualify for the home buyers incentive are September 2nd. The first closings on the program are November 1st.
  • Buyers who purchase property before September 2nd are not eligible for the program, even if the closing happens after September 2nd.

Eligible Buyers:

  • First-time buyers must have saved at least the minimum 5% down payment. 
  • To count as a first-time buyer, client or their spouse cannot have owned a property in the last 4 years. Technically they could have owned a home before to qualify for the program, but not within the past 4 years
  • If a person is going through a divorce or ending a common law...

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to Everyone

There's always something to be grateful for... Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to remind each other of the many reasons there are to be grateful. At this time we catch one's breath to count our blessings. The freedom of this great country of Canada which we live in. For our work colleagues, for their professionalism, inspiration, and sense of humour. The food on our tables, shelter and unconditional love from our family and friends.

Thanksgiving Dinner

When you think of Thanksgiving, what images come to mind for you? The long weekend kicking off the autumn season? Raking leaves and kids having fun playing in them? Harvesting the crops? Shutting down the lake cottage? Eating yummy roast turkey? Pumpkin pie? Watching football on tv with the family? Perhaps watching the Thanksgiving...

The Benefit of Home Staging

Something to think about before listing your Calgary Home Vacant

Home staging is proven marketing technique for selling homes. Here is something you should consider before listing your home vacant.

  • 90% of people can not imagine what a space would look like with furniture
  • People buy homes, not houses  so its important to make buyers feel at home
  • An empty space looks smaller and the negatives become more noticeable
  • A vacant space show cold, dark and unwelcoming

Take a look at our before and after photos of a vacant property we staged in Mission. Buyers were having a hard time visualizing the floor plan and felt the space was too small. After staging this properties sold in 42 days was on the market  210 days prior to staging.

This particular home was staged by Elysse at Simply Stylish...

Selling your Calgary House during the Holiday Season

Selling your Calgary House during the Holiday Season

Lets face it Christmas is fast approaching the weather is cooling off and the snow will soon start to fall. All these factors make it more difficult to sell your home.

Yes Buyer's are distracted with holiday shopping and time with family but you can tempt buyers to take a look at your property with these holiday staging ideas.

A wreath on the front door gives buyers a welcoming feel. It can be seen from the street so it bumps up your curb appeal. Choose colors that match the exterior of your home.

You need to remember when selling your home less is more. You don't want your home to...

Considering an Investment in Hawaii Real Estate?

Beach Home Hawaii

Many Canadian buyers consider purchasing a home or condo in Hawai'i, not only as a reprieve from the unforgiving winter months, but also as an investment (which could easily turn into a retirement haven).  But before spending everything in the savings account, buyers should keep a few things in mind:

*  Financing - Although savvy investors flock to the U.S. for their property investments, the options to finance a real estate purchase in the U.S. by foreign citizens is extremely limited. A method used by some Canadians is to use existing line of credits, secured by their home, to purchase their Maui condos and homes. As such,...