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Calgary Real Estate December 2014 Monthly Housing Statistics

Calgary Real Estate Stats December 2015Calgary Real Estate News - Despite a December Dip in Sales, 2014 Was a Good Year for the Calgary Real Estate Market 

While the Calgary housing market experienced a 7.5 percent decline when comparing December 2014 to December of the previous year, the story was far different when considering only the condominium and townhouse sectors. In fact, it was a records-setting year in these sectors, with sales increasing by 9.3 percent to reach a new annual high.

According to the latest CREB® report, monthly sales activity experienced a bit of a slowdown in December. This phenomenon is not unusual, however, as...

Calgary Real Estate Housing Statistics November 2014

CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS - Welcome to the November 2014 edition of housing statistics showcasing the Calgary Real Estate market. I have embedded a PDF at the end of this article which is also packed with information, graphs and statistics to peruse and enjoy.

  • 1. Calgary has the strongest economy in the country with impressive job growth which makes it a hotspot for people to move to for a great quality of life and vast opportunities.

  • 2. Calgary real estate listings are outpacing sales. With more properties available to purchase, along with it come better prices.

  • 3. Calgary apartments (condominiums) and townhouse sectors have the biggest gains in November, with growth at 19%.

  • 4. Due to increased listings, properties...

Calgary Real Estate February 2014 Monthly Housing Stats

CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS - Sales growth for the city of Calgary slowed down a bit for the month of February when compared to the previous month, which saw double digit gains. Nonetheless, February still saw an 8.68 percent increase when compared to February 2013. In all, 1,854 units were sold during that time period. Single-family sales still totaled 1,230 units during that period, representing a 1.9 percent increase when compared to the previous year.

Overall all, the demand growth within the single-family sector has been restricted due to a reduction in inventory. This reduction in listings can be traced back to slower sales growth within the sector. Asa result, the new listings within the sector fell in both January and February. This has further tightened the market, which was already undersupplied. 


Calgary Real Estate January 2014 Monthly Housing Statistics

January 2014 Calgary Real Estate Stats

Calgary Real Estate January 2014 Monthly Housing Statistics

CALGARY REAL ESTATE  - Home sales for the city of Calgary in January 2014 total 1,440 units. This represents a 17 percent increase when compared to January 2013 figures. January 2014 figures were the highest they have been since 2008.

January 2014 numbers demonstrate a continuing trend that began in late 2013 in which sales started growing at a double digit pace.

Apartment and townhouse sales

In terms of condominium apartment and townhouse sales, a total of 466 units were sold in January 2014. This represents a 33 percent increase when compared to January of the previous year.

While the single-family sector also...

Calgary Real Estate December 2013 Monthly Housing Statistics

Calgary Real Estate December 2013 Market StatsAfter enjoying an 8 percent year-over-year increase in sales volume in December, the city of Calgary closed out the year with an overall growth of  11 percent in sales volume. These figures, which pushed far above the long-term trends, exceeded the expectations for 2013. 

Calgary's growth in sales can be attributed to many factors. These include the fact that the city has enjoyed two consecutive years of increased levels of net migration. The city has also continued to experience an improved job outlook while buyers are feeling more confidence in the long-term stability of the economy.

During the month of December, city residential sales reached 1,172 units. This brought the grand total for 2013 to 23,489. Furthermore, prices for 2013...

Calgary Real Estate November 2013 Monthly Housing Statistics

Residential sales in Calgary increased by 19 percent in November when compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 1,730 for the month. With another strong month of activity in the record books, this brings the city’s year-to-date sales to a total of 22,322. These figures are 11 percent higher than the long-term trends. 

Several factors appear to be motivating people to buy within the Calgary housing market. One major factor appears to be the fact that many first-time homebuyers are trying to purchase property before prices increase further. They are also trying to purchase property in anticipation of future increases in rent prices. Some are also attempting to purchase a home before the lending rates increase.

Current homeowners are also purchasing homes in an effort to take advantage of the recent price increases....

Calgary Real Estate October 2013 Monthly Housing Statistics

October 2013 Calgary Real Estate StatsA number of positive signs continue to develop within the Calgary housing market. Nonetheless, the most recent CREB report shows that Calgary has still not reached 2006 levels.

Anecdotal reports indicate that some prroperties are selling more quickly and that some are even selling at higher than the listing price. A year-to-date data analysis, howeever, shows that city wide sales are still far below what they were throughout 2005 through 2007. 

In all, residential sales activity reached 1,953 units in October. This represents an 19 percent increase when compared to 2012. These numbers also represent a year-to-date volume increase fo more than 10 percent. Year-to-date data also shows that the average residential home...

Calgary Real Estate September 2013 Monthly Housing Statistics

September 2013 Market Stats

Residential sales in the City of Calgary reached 1,923 units during the month of September. This represents a 19 percent increase when compared to last year. The figures are also significantly higher than the average for the month of September, with the numbers being 14 percent higher than the September average.

Overall, sales in the City of Calgary have been higher than the long-term trends. It should be noted, however, that September saw less of an increase than July and August. According to Ann-Marie Lurie, who is the chief economist of CREB, this is likely due to the floods that helped to boost sales throughout July and August. Lurie believes the additional demand resulting from the floods started to ease up in September. Nonetheless, sales continue to remain elevated...

Calgary Real Estate March 2013 Monthly Housing Statistics

A decrease in the number of new listings resulted in limited sales growth within the Calgary housing market during the month of March. Resale homes have also been selling in less time, despite theupward pressure that has continually been placed on Calgary housing prices.

According to CREB, March 2013 saw the lowest level of active homes for sale in over five years. New listings were five percent lower in 2013 than they were in 2012. Furthermore, they dropped five percent when compared to the first quarter. While the 4,006 listings in March represents a higher number than February, the figures are well below where they were last March. Active inventory fell to 2,713 units, which is 22 percent lower than 2012 figures and represents the lowest March inventory levels since 2007.

The number of new listings...

Calgary Real Estate January 2013 Monthly Housing Statistics

The Calgary housing market got off to a good start in 2013, with residential real estate sales increasing by 15 percent when compared to the same time last year. According to the most recent CREB report, January housing sales were up to 1,230 in January 2013 compared to just 1,068 last year. Nonetheless, sales remain significantly lower than they were during the peak years of 2003 through 2008.

Calgary's single-family housing market was strong this January when compared to the same time last year. With 879 units sold, January 2013 showed a 15 percent increase over January 2012. New listings, on the other hand, were only slightly above their January 2012 levels with a total of 1,737. Nonetheless, while inventory levels remain down, the new listings did help support sales growth.

Undoubtedly, lower inventory levels can be problematic for buyers....