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Why Use A REALTOR®: When Buying or Selling a Home

Why Use A REALTOR®: When Buying or Selling a Home

Real estate transactions are one of the biggest financial investments most people encounter in their lifetime. Seeing the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be unwise to consider a deal in real estate without the professional assistance of a REALTOR®.

Whether buying or selling, you’re involved in a complex process requiring many professionals. One of these professionals is a REALTOR®, who’s responsible for making the transaction as efficient and as easy as possible for you. Your REALTOR® will ensure the transaction is completed competently and professionally. You can get advice from someone with an in-depth knowledge of the local housing market. And you can count on the help of a professional who has committed to serve you with...

Expanding Calgary’s Livable Space Through CFB Calgary Redevelopment

Expanding Calgary’s Livable Space Through CFB Calgary Redevelopment 

Redevelopment of CFB Calgary to a place to have your Calgary Home

Development plans throughout Calgary often have interesting histories, but one of the most interesting and comprehensive development stories can be traced back to 1996 when the federal budget called for closing CFB Calgary and other bases throughout the country. Not only did this decision change how Canadian Forces bases were used, but it also created a significant amount of land that could be put to use for different purposes. It was from this change in the federal budget that many of Calgary’s new residential developments were born. 

Making the Decision to Close CFB Calgary 

While the 1996 federal...

Taking the Plunge - Calgary Bridal and Finding a Calgary Home

After the wedding ends and the party is over, it is time to start thinking about a place to call home, your first martial home of all your own. While some newlyweds choose to rent, some prefer to own their new home together.  Weddings can be so expensive, just ask any bride to be and she will tell you the budget is nearly always higher than anticipated leaving many newlyweds over extended and in marital debt after the wedding. With all that debt from the wedding, what options are there for the purchase of a home in terms of down payments?  See our first time home buyers guide for more information on down payment options and requirements (link below).

Making House Buying Simple with a Real Estate Broker in Calgary

Realtor Image

When buying a house in Calgary,  finding the right real estate agent to represent you is one of the keys to finding the right home to suit your needs. As you search through your options, it is helpful to understand the differences between a real estate broker and a real estate agent as well as how these professionals can help you through the buying process. 

What is the Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker? 

A real estate broker is a professional who is licensed to manage his or her own business. As independent sales people, they often sell real estate that is owned buy others. In addition to helping clients buy or sell property, they may also help with...

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Calgary Home

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Calgary Home

Even people who have been selling Calgary homes for decades still make mistakes. Often, these crucial mistakes unable them to find people who are willing to purchase their home at desired price. These mistakes have to be avoided at all costs.

Here are some of the most common mistakes committed – mistakes that you should try your best not to commit when selling your Calgary home.

Showing bad photos

Many people look to listings on the newspaper, on the internet, or other such sources for information regarding properties for sale. When putting up an advertisement, it is best to put in the best photos possible. Using a high end camera or hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of the house being sold may cost a bit more, but the expense is surely...

SW Calgary Private Schools

Private School Students in Classroom

One of the reasons why Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada is due to the economic opportunity that is presently driving the city in an extremely positive direction financially, which in turn improves amenities in the city, as well as institutions such as private schools. Home to some of the most prestigious and reputable private schools in the city, the area of SW Calgary has a variety of options for parents looking to enrol their children in a rewarding educational environment that they can feel proud to be a part of. Are you looking for Southwest Calgary private schools? If so, check out these reputable options for your son or daughter.

Calgary Academy (1677 - 93 St. SW) – A Strong History of Scholastic Achievement


2014 and Home Automation: A Look at What’s Coming Next Year

Home automation - smart phone

Home automation is basically the automation of housework, the home itself or just ordinary household activity. As a concept, it's just an extension of building automation. Some examples of automating the home can include things such as central control of HVAC, lighting, the security locks on both gates and doors and even appliances. The goal of this system is to increase the quality of life inside of the home, such as by increasing security, convenience, comfort efficiency and even energy savings. Here is a look at what's coming in 2014 in home automation.

New Types of Switches Will Make Home Automation More Versatile

Many switches these days are the so-called plug-and-play variety of smart switches. This means they are practically ready right off the shelf and great...

Chinese Superstitions in Calgary Real Estate

House Numbers - Mailbox

In order to maximize the sales opportunities for your home in our diverse community, you may wish to consider Chinese superstitions for buying Calgary Real Estate, such as a house. The Chinese are the second largest minority group in Calgary - they make up about 6% of the population here! Chinese culture is prevalent with beliefs and customs; in today’s world of globalization, Calgary continues to gain traffic from this region.

Chinese superstitions range from keeping turtles out of captivity to purchasing a home with the number “8” in the address for good luck. While some Chinese are adamant about obeying customs, others regard them simply as a matter of tradition.


Calgary's Most Luxurious Home Communities

Updated June 2015

In this article based upon Calgary homes for sale, I'll speak on the topic of Calgary's Luxury Home Communities. As an award winning Calgary REALTOR®, I can help you with all aspects of Calgary Real Estate. Enjoy the article, leave a comment and feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in purchasing a luxury house for sale in Calgary, you will find plenty of affluent communities to select from. With all of the options available in Calgary, there is certain to be a luxury Calgary...

Three New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Financial Future

Credit Check

Whether you are buying or selling a home or you are simply a homeowner who is looking for ways to improve your financial future, there are several New Year resolutions that you might want to consider making. By making one or several of these resolutions, you will put yourself in a much better position to buy or sell a home or to simply improve your financial health.

Resolution #1: Check Your Credit History

One simple way to improve your financial health while also ensuring you get the best rates when purchasing a home is to check on your credit history. By obtaining a copy of your credit report, you can check it over to ensure all of the information is correct. Even a seemingly insignificant error, such as reporting the wrong credit limit on a credit report, can have a negative impact...