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The Calgary luxury real estate market begins at the million dollar mark and knows no end. Lavish homes for sale usually begin at this seven digit price point. The definition for luxury real estate varies depending on the particular area’s average price. These stunning homes are only available to an exclusive crowd with refined tastes.

Discover the most elite homes Calgary has to offer. We’ll help you placate your desire to explore deluxe penthouses, mansions and villas.  The extravagant, well-known neighborhoods in the region’s market are as follows:

Elbow Park - Original Class

  • Elbow Park is located in the city’s southwest quadrant and is made up mainly of single family homes. It is one of the oldest and most affluent communities in Calgary.
  • This sought after neighborhood is in close proximity to the CORE, or downtown Calgary’s shopping hub.
  • Elbow Park has no shortage of character and heritage homes. This serene neighborhood is highly desirable and has a reputation for its exceptional selection of shops and restaurants.
  • The average sale price of an existing residential home in July 2012 was $2.1M*

Mount Royal - Pretty in Prestige

  • Originally known as American Hill, the Mount Royal community has always been known as one of Calgary's most esteemed areas with its remarkable modern architecture and close proximity to downtown Calgary.
  • Mount Royal is filled with renovated heritage homes and entirely new builds that embrace an everlasting majestic feel for the many single family residences.
  • Upper Mount Royal rests on a large hill immediately south of the Downtown and Beltine regions, giving the community’s fine real estate widespread views of Calgary’s skyline.
  • Lower Mount Royal has a thriving condo market and growing luxury real estate scene.
  • The average sale price of an existing residential home in July 2012 was $1.8M*

Britannia - Charmed, I'm sure

  • Mature trees and elegant views of the Elbow River Valley best describe the charming British inspired community. Take a stroll in the magnificent downtown cityscape and allow yourself to be transported to another time.
  • A short drive to the CORE is convenient for professionals who want an exclusive feel without the long commute to work.
  • Because the tiny community wasn’t developed until the late 1950s, these well-established British themed homes are among the most desired of Calgary’s real estate due to their distinct uniqueness.
  • The average selling price of an existing residential home in Britannia as of July 2012 was $1.3M*

Bel-Aire - Nature's Beauty

  • This prominent, roughly 500 home neighborhood consists of single family homes with no low income or rental properties.
  • Bel-Aire was designed to complement its breath-taking natural surroundings such as the river, flora and fauna.
  • Enjoy the intimacy of this neighborhood which also offers infinite recreational fun. The Glenmore Reservoir and Calgary Golf Club are just a couple of area highlights along with plenty of parks and mountain views.
  • The average sales price of a residential home in Bel-Aire as of July 2012 was $2.3M*

Aspen Woods - Notorious for Novelty

  • Aspen Woods ranges from the $700 mark for a single family home all the way up to $12M, the price of Calgary's most expensive home ever to hit the market.
  • Calgary’s newest community is home to just under 1,000 people. It offers sophisticated, chic homes set enchantingly amid expansive lots dotted with vivid aspen trees.
  • This highly modern country living community is conveniently close to beautiful natural attractions, Calgary’s downtown district and other amenities.
  • As of July 2012, just under $1M is the average sale price of an existing residential home in Aspen Woods. There are wide variety of home styles and condos to choose from. 

* Average price statistics are taken from the Calgary Real Estate Board statistics for July 2012

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#1 By Rob Sheperd at 8/24/2012 -2:33 PM

Wow, those averages just crush ours. On the Oregon Coast there are few luxury waterfront homes but nothing like this. I guess we are just a little simpler. :)

#2 By Tim Bullington at 8/24/2012 -1:26 PM

Great listings. I didn't realize Calgary had that many luxury homes. I love the shots at night with the houses all lit up. Just makes for a beautiful pic. thanks

#3 By Andrew Payne at 8/24/2012 0:06 PM

Beautiful homes Crystal! Are you personally listing any of these at this time?

#4 By Crystal at 8/26/2012 6:53 AM

Yes Andrew- I do work the luxury market from time to time. But I work a broad spectrum from 1 bedroom condos with first time buyers all the way up to multi million dollar homes. I like the challenge of the different markets and love working with clients from all backgrounds.

#5 By Robert Burchette at 9/11/2012 -1:49 PM

Beautiful home list! Wow, those are a nice listing if you can get that into your portfolio! ;-)

#6 By Crystal at 10/2/2012 -2:16 PM

There are some truly amazing homes in Calgary as we grow and become more metropolitan the entre city benefits largely from great shopping, restaurants and of course the economy feeds itself back.

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