Calgary Job picture promising as economy recovers

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Calgary Job picture promising as economy recovers

Chief Economist of Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Ben Brunnen says that Calgary has become a very viable option to invest in and during the coming days  it will be a very good place to search for jobs too. He says that a lot of money is being utilized in the oil sands of this province. These projects are of a very long life-span. And after its on-stream production in 2011, some real good employments are expected to take place in Calgary.

Professionals of different sectors like lawyers, accountants, trades-people, and engineers will be in high demand for sure. Not only these, there will be huge potentials in almost all sectors like construction, restaurants, other services etc.

Adam Legge, CEO from Calgary also hopes for some good results in the financial service industry. He believes that for a good growth in the energy sector in Calgary, which will definitely improve the financial services. If structured properly, the financial services will be useful for the development of many other sectors too.

According Legge, Logistics and Transportation are another two sectors which have some good prospects in Calgary.

Health Care is another area which has some potential growth prospects in the coming years. This is the opinion of Elsbeth Mehrar, director of research, strategy and workforce with Calgary economic Development. She adds here that the baby boomers will be soon going through their retiring phase and it will increase the potential for Health Care sector.

The retiring wave of Baby boomers is supposed to hit all the sectors, but the skilled sector is supposed to experience the major effect. The unemployment rate is dropping day by day and this has kept the employers with very less choices to search for skilled labors.

Mehrar thinks that another matter of concern is the Financial Services sector. The unemployment rates in these sectors are very low, and it is around 2% only. Even during the recession too, it was quite difficult to find out an unemployed financial auditor or accountant. Mehrar believes that this labor crisis is to continue in the coming periods too.

She also says that two third of the jobs created at present will need some kind of post-secondary training during the next ten years or so. She insists the youths and career changers to strongly believe that the economy is highly knowledge based and it is driven by highly creative and skilled minds.

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