About Calgary

Calgary is the friendliest, most vibrant city in Western Canada?

Located in a scenic valley where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet, Calgary’s environmental outdoor playground is truly breathtaking. Within an hour's drive, residents can enjoy hiking, skiing and mountain biking in the majestic Rocky Mountains, Kananaskis Valley or Banff National Park.

As Canada's energy capital and Western Canada's business capital, Calgary is now home to the second-largest concentration of corporate offices in the nation. While Calgary's economy has been primarily shaped by the resource sector, its aggressive diversification efforts have resulted in the growth and development of the technology, tourism, manufacturing and service sectors. Due to its central location, Calgary has developed into a major distribution hub for goods and services throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

Calgarians are well known for their warm hospitality and western spirit. Although the city has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, Calgarians continue to cherish and protect the fundamental values that established their great city over one hundred years ago.

  • Environment – Calgarians love their big blue sky, wide-open space, bike paths, river walks and proximity to the mountains.
  • Quality of Life – Calgarians are extremely committed to ensuring the city remains a safe and compassionate place.
  • Passion – Calgarians have a strong sense of civic pride and philanthropy, and they truly love promoting their city.
  • Celebration – Calgarians love welcoming international visitors to their community, whether for the world-famous Calgary Exhibition & Stampede or World Petroleum Congress.
  • Optimism – Calgarians firmly believe they can and will make a difference in the future with their contagious can-do, progressive, entrepreneurial attitudes.  This makes Calgary an extremely well-positioned global player in the 21st century.

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