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Calgary Real Estate Market Info

Sept 2017 sales dip in an otherwise better year for Calgary real estate


We just got the stats for September 2017 and sales slipped a little in Calgary real estate last month.  The good news is that we had some good numbers in the first six months of 2017 and this activity managed to boost our year-to-date average up by 7% over 2016.  It’s still 11% under those long-term averages, and I agree with the Calgary Real Estate Board's take on the market – with more listings coming in and sales slowing in this last quarter of the year, we’re going to have to work hard to maintain our optimism!

There was a bump in inventory last month – we were up by 6,861 units – with attached properties and apartment condos setting a record for the highest inventory ever.  That...

Luxury Calgary real estate listings slowly recovering


Fall forecast is for moderate sales and stabilizing prices

I wouldn’t say that million-dollar-plus home buyers are lining up to snap up some premiere Calgary real estate listings, but they’re certainly expressing some sincere interest.

A forecast by one of Canada’s luxury real estate firms has issued some promising statistics though.  Over the summer, there were 112 luxury homes featured in Calgary real estate listings for over $1 million that sold to some pretty special buyers.  Single-family home sales in this sector and some fairly opulent attached home sales (think Altadore or West...

Government of Canada Announces New Mortgage Qualifying Rules

Government of Canada Announces New Guidelines Affecting Mortgage Qualifying Guidelines 

The Government of Canada has announced some changes to the guidelines affecting mortgage insurance that can have a significant impact on homebuyers and how much they can borrow for a mortgage loan. With these changes going into effect on October 17th, those who are thinking about purchasing a home may want to get the homebuying process started before the new changes go into effect if they hope to increase the housing options that are available to them for purchase. 

Understanding Mortgage Insurance 

According to Canadian federal statutes, mortgage lenders are required to purchase mortgage default insurance for homebuyers who do not make a down payment that is at least 20 percent of the property purchase price. Also referred to as high loan-to-value or high-ratio insurance, this coverage protects the lender if the homebuyer defaults on the loan. Providing the...

Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics August 2016

The Calgary housing market was almost like a tale of two cities during the month of August, with the detached housing market having a much different outcome than the higher-density segments. Nonetheless, sales activity was down overall within the Calgary housing market, with total sales reaching just 1,567 for the month.

Benchmark Prices Show a More Complete Picture

Overall, sales for detached homes fell during the month of August within the Calgary housing market. The number of new listings also declined, thereby stopping the inventory from reaching its previous highs. In turn, this has limited the downward pressure placed on housing pricing within the market. The picture wasn’t quite the same within the attached and apartment sectors, however, with both having recorded inventory levels near to...

Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics July 2016

The most recent CREB report has found that sales activity continues to decline in the City of Calgary. Just as the city has continued to struggle in all economic aspects, so has its housing market. This condition has only been further exacerbated by the declining net migration levels within the city.

Slowing Housing Sales

According to the CREB report, housing sales activity in Calgary reached a total of 1,741 units during the month of July. This represents a 12.6 percent decrease when compared to the same time last year, making it the 20th consecutive month in which the city has experienced a drop in year-over-year sales. As the number of unemployed workers within the city continues to grow, the net migration continues to fall and job loss continues to be a problem, the overall state of the housing market has also continued to weaken. 


Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics May 2016

Despite optimism related to recent oi price gains, the Calgary real estate market - housing inventory was once again on the rise during the month of May.

New Listings Combined with Slowed Sales Lead to an Increase in Housing Inventory

As new listings climbed and sales slowed to just 1,923 units, The Calgary Real Esttae Market inventory was once again on the rise. Unfortunately, due to a weakness in the labour market, demand for Calgary housing also remained weak during the month of May. While most of the focus had previously been on the oil industry, job loss is now starting to spread into other sectors. Meanwhile, wages are falling and unemployment levels remain high in Calgary. As such, housing inventory supplies are on the rise as well as supplies within the new home, rental and resale markets.

According to the latest Calgary Real Estate Board report, inventory levels in Calgary increased by 14 percent in May when compared to the previous month, reaching a total of 6,148 units....

Calgary Real Estate Statistics April 2016

The Calgary real estate market remains in a buyers market into April as we head into May. The average price of a detached home increased slightly from March.

Calgary Real Estate Market Absorption Rates and Inventory Levels

Calgary Real Estate Market infographic April 2016 - Calgary in a buyers market - Average sold Price $476,427

The Calgary real estate market imbalance in the residential resale Calgary housing market continued to have an impact on citywide prices in April. Meanwhile, as new listings increased, year-over-year sales fell and resulted in inventory gains within all sectors of the market. All of these factors have combined together to create a decline in benchmark prices for the...

Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics March 2016

Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics for March 2016

Calgary House Market Continues Decline

As economic conditions continue to be less than desirable in, the Calgary real estate market has also continued to be negatively impacted. Not only have Calgary house prices fallen, but inventory levels are also on the rise.

Calgary Housing Market Graph - March 2016

Calgary Housing Graph March 2016

Examining the Calgary Economy

During the month of March, the Calgary labor market did not experience any improvement. In fact, provincial unemployment rates are the highest they have been since the early 1990s. In February, Calgary’s unemployment...

Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics February 2016

Due to slow sales and an elevated housing inventory, prices continued to fall within the Calgary housing market in February. With the state of the current economic environment, consumer confidence and housing demand have both been negatively impacted. 

Unemployment Continues to Affect the Calgary Housing Market

Over the past eight months, unemployment rates have continued to rise in Calgary. As such, unemployment rates have reached higher levels than they reached during the previous recession. Unfortunately, these conditions are expected to continue over the next several months, which means unemployment is likely to continue to have a negative impact on the Calgary housing market.

During the month of February, sales within the Calgary market reached 1,127 units. This represents a 6.63 percent drop when compared to the previous year. These figures are also 37 percent lower than the long-term averages for the month of February. Furthermore, the number of new listings in Calgary is also declining,...

Calgary Real Estate Market Statistics January 2016

Picking up where things ended last year, the Calgary housing market has pushed further into becoming a buyers’ market in January. While a number of factors are contributing to the current market trend, troubles within the energy sector continue to be the biggest factor leading to the change in market conditions.

The Energy Market Impacts Sales

With prices recently sliding within the energy market, uncertainty within the energy sector continues to grow. Troubles within the energy sector have led to a soft labor market, which has placed additional stress on the local economy as well as the housing market. Namely, a dwindling labor market has resulted in less demand for housing in Calgary, resulting in only 763 units sold during the month of January. These figures are 13 percent below the previous year and 43 percent below long-term averages. Not surprisingly, new listings also fell in January, which posted a 16 percent drop. Nonetheless, the number of new listings put on the market still outpaced the number...