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Calgary Homes For Sale Have Sales Drop

Calgary homes for sale have sales drop consecutively for fifth straight month in 2015. CREB statistics show that Calgary home supply may be coming to a crawl in response to the slowdown. New listings were around three thousand last month which is an eighteen percent drop from  2014. All data provided is from the Calgary Real Estate Board.

Ann-Marie Lurie, chief economist with CREB states “While conditions continue to favor the buyer, both the months of supply and the sales to new listings ratio, which represent measures of market balance, tightened in April. If this trend continues, it should help prevent resale inventories from rising to previous highs and limit some of the downward price pressures we’ve been seeing.”


Calgary Condos For Sale, 5 Things To Consider Before Buying

Looking for Calgary condos for sale and don't know where to start? So many condos for sale in Calgary that you're feeling overwhelmed at them all not knowing if one your interested in is a good deal or bad one? Well here are 5 things to consider before buying a condo in the Calgary real estate market.

Calgary Home Sold

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Calgary Condos For Sale, Traps To Avoid When Buying

When your looking for a Calgary condos for sale, particularly as an investor, it’s best to avoid traps and be an informed buyer. There’s doubt in the Calgary real estate market due to the 2015 oil crisis and it is more vital than ever to be aware of your Calgary real estate investment. Venturing into unfamiliar territory and praying for the best is dangerous business, thankfully you can hire a top rated ...

Calgary Real Estate February 2015 Monthly Housing Statistics

Calgary Real Estate Stats February 2015The latest Calgary housing market report shows some ups and downs for the city. Overall, new listings are slowing down, which means there is likely to be some downward pressure on the supply growth within the Calgary resale market.

While Calgary home sales remained below the long-term averages for the month of February and year-over-year new listings growth fell from 37 percent in January to nine percent in February, inventory levels increased to 5,474 units. Nonetheless, while the supply levels are higher than what the market has seen in awhile, they are still falling short of the record high of 7,000 units that was achieved in February 2008.

Overall, the city of Calgary also saw its real estate sales fall by 34 percent when compared to...

Price Gap Between Condos And Houses Largest In Years

CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS – For a lot of people buying homes for the first time, condominiums have been a way to transition from owning your own home to owning your dream home. However, an influx of upcoming condos and aggressive bidding battles for modern detached houses has led to an increasing gap between the rates of house and condo prices which hit the peak last year.

Comparing Housing and Condo Price

The average price gap in December between a one family house and a condo for sale in the market reached $320,000.  Canada’s four main cities were affected by this which are Calgary...

MLS Listings Calgary: 37% Increase in Listings, Prices Still Stable

CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS - In spite of new MLS listings increasing by 37% in relation to January, Calgary homes for sale prices are still stable amid surplus.

 Crystal Tost, Top 3 Calgary REMAX REALTOR® of 2014, sells another home this monthCalgary Home Sold By Calgary Real Estate Agent Crystal Tost

A report on sales by ...

Calgary Oil Crisis 2015 Is Little Worry To Many Businesses

CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS - Since the price of oil decreased, many of us Calgarians are concerned about the big effects this shift will have on the economy and Calgary real estate. Many people and various businesses however, are showing little worry. I read a great article by Claudia Cattaneo on her take of the oil boom decrease and how many are ot too concerned. I want to share some of that information with you on my blog.

Business As Usual In Calgary...For Some

In Calgary, its business as usual during the oil crisis of 2015: there has been no drop in sales for most luxury items such as jet charters and luxury automobiles; and Calgary bars and restaurants are still doing well. All of these factors look promising to us Calgarians. There is a downside though: some believe that the...

Calgary Real Estate January 2015 Monthly Housing Statistics

Calgary Real Estate Stats January 2015

CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS - A combination of uncertainty regarding employment opportunities within the energy sector and the low oil prices experienced throughout the month of January has resulted in a general unease among consumers. As a result, monthly sales within the Calgary housing market fell to a level that has not been seen for the past five years. Furthermore, sales were more than 35 percent lower than the 10 year average as they fell across all three of Calgary’s sectors. Unfortunately, with economic conditions expected to fall short of the predictions that were made in December, this trend is not likely to reverse anytime soon.

While the number of sales declined in the Calgary real estate market, the number of new listings increased by 39 percent....

Calgary Real Estate December 2014 Monthly Housing Statistics

Calgary Real Estate Stats December 2015CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS - Despite a December Dip in Sales, 2014 Was a Good Year for the Calgary Real Estate Market 

While the Calgary housing market experienced a 7.5 percent decline when comparing December 2014 to December of the previous year, the story was far different when considering only the condominium and townhouse sectors. In fact, it was a records-setting year in these sectors, with sales increasing by 9.3 percent to reach a new annual high.

According to the latest CREB® report, monthly sales activity experienced a bit of a slowdown in December. This phenomenon is not unusual, however, as consumers typically begin to shift their attention away from the housing market and more toward the holiday season. Nonetheless, annual condominium apartment...

Calgary Real Estate: Buy/Sell Now in Oil Crisis? Answered!

CALGARY REAL ESTATE NEWS - Calgary real estate and Alberta’s oil price pain is at the forefront of debate in the news and in our communities. News outlets are saying it’s looking like a gloomy time for Calgary and some are saying don’t worry about it. As a resident of Calgary and a top award winning Calgary real estate agent for 18 years helping buyers and sellers with excellent results, I will give my take on this situation.

Alberta Oil Drill during Oil Crisis...